Christmas in Bari, with your ... and with us!

From December 2 to January 6, Bari

Bed & Breakfast Sette Cuscini - Toritto(Bari)

"Christmas in Bari, with your ... and with us!" is an initiative promoted by the Welfare of the City with the artistic and organizational coordination of the Cooperative Project City. From December 2 to January 6, Bari comes alive with sound and color thanks to a series of shows, games and stories.

"Christmas in Bari" go through it all the districts of cities with more than 50 free events, dedicated to families and children, with particular attention to the most vulnerable social groups at risk.

Part of the activities will be hosted by local services Centres of Listening to Families and Multipurpose Open Centres for Minors, in all parts of the town, managed by local third sector agreement with the City of Bari will be organized events open to the territory marked by playful, friendly and cultural (collective games and entertainment, bingo, tasting of typical dishes and desserts, decorating creative workshops, exhibitions, festivals, markets) to be held in the afternoon and evening hours, both within the structures of service, both in indoor and outdoor spaces present in the districts (school auditoriums, plazas, parks, etc..).

The event will include a varied range of spectacular events, cultural and artistic imagery that will tell the Christmas season, traditional or not, and will be welcomed into meaningful places and spaces of the city. From reading animated filmmaking and storytelling, from music to theater, from creative workshops and artistic moments of the game, "Christmas in Bari" host companies and local and national leaders, marked by a joyful and quality entertainment.

"The policies in favor of children and adolescents are for this administration of the government's priority areas - said this morning during a press conference the Head of Welfare Ludwig Abbaticchio -. Networking services offered to boys and their families throughout the Christmas period, with the involvement of all constituencies, improves its effectiveness in a phase of economic and financial difficulties that the city of Bari is going through with commitment and responsibility. "

"Christmas in Bari aims to build a broad social participation, aimed at improving the quality of life in the city - the coordinator of the exhibition Andrea Mori, president of the cooperative project City - with the direct involvement of citizens, institutions and associations third sector. A virtuous participation, ethical and sustainable value to the plurality of resources in the area by investing in skills and their ability to cooperate in the common interest. "

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