Matera sassi: unesco world heritage

the charm of the Sassi of Matera between wards and cave houses

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It’s the city of the Caverns, of the Entrenched Villages, of the peasant houses carved in the rock, of the frescoed Rocky Churches, of the grand Romanesque, Pugliese and Baroque Churches and of notable noble Palaces. It’s the city that geologically calls to mind ancient Jerusalem and Cappadocia. It was the destination of many people and their masterpieces, and continues to be the destination of great actors and directors who find in Matera a place made for filming their movies.

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world and, despite the renovations and improvements of recent years, the feeling of being out of time in the distant past is always present and remote. In the evening when the lights carefully placed light lecase cave lined up one above the other the initial feeling of being a small statue in a magical world is accentuated and the heart begins to pound in my throat, riding wildly to ecstasy. The Cathedral dominates the thirteenth century by Civita, the original nucleus of the city, the complex maze of tunnels, walls, caves, roofs and churches (in Matera there are more than 150 rock churches) built on the two karst basins that form the two districts, Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. From the tenth century, groups of pastors began adinsediarsi in two basins draw houses and the soft rock. With the advance of centuries growth became increasingly complex enough to fully occupy the slopes and create one of the most extraordinary urban structures on the planet, based on a system of water collected which enabled him to evolve until the last century.