The only one dream that comes true as you wake up

Bed & Breakfast Sette Cuscini - Toritto(Bari)

…is something different: one of the strengths of Sette Cuscini B&B is breakfast. Regarding the beverages, we give our guests, FOR FREE, a bottle of water a day, fruit juice, milk, coffee , tea and yogurt.

Sweet or savory: every morning the table of the ground floor, that is the kitchen/living room is full of: rusk with butter and marmalade, eggs, nutella, biscuits, corns, bread, twinkies and home made cookies, prepared by Elisa. One of these are, depending on your requests: home made marmalade tart, rubber rings of different flavours (nut, orange, yogurt and chocolate, apple, lemon), chocolate salami, coco pie and ricotta pie.?Depending on everyone’s needs, is possible to get a savory breakfast with salami, eggs, wurstels, vegetables and everything our guests are used to. ?In addiction we give you a taste of our lands, with seasonal fruit produced in our fields following an organic farming.