…seven pillows was born in the 5th century BC

Bed & Breakfast Sette Cuscini - Toritto(Bari)

In 1986 in via Milite Ignoto began the construction of a new building. Just a few days after something incredible happened that attracted the attention of local tv, newspapers and a lot of people. ?In the place where now this modern B&B is located was hiding something that belonged to another time, another world.

It was an archeological site, in the property of Chieco-Tarullo. The excavation works began on October 2oth 1986 and when it reached the depth of 2.5 meters a parallel underground world appeared. It was made of 5 tombs and 76 objects. This important discovery was astounding because dated back to the 5th century B.C., i.e. 2500 years ago. All the objects found are now in the archeological museum of Altamura and among them there are cruets, jewels, coins, kitchen utensils, dishes, pitchers and oil lamps. The most beautiful and worth piece is a big jar with two paintings on the opposite sides, representing a man and a woman in a gift scene.?The entire discovery was a mortuary equipment belonging to a very important family of that time, composed of a fatherm his wife and their little son that fell asleep in a one way trip, leaving us the memory of more than two millenniums.